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Without doubt, we selected the top quality of silicone to make our real life sex doll. Silicone is a material of choice for soft sex toys, due to its durability, cleanability, non-degradation by petroleum-based lubricants.


We provide free shipping to all of the countries. We also pay attention to protect your privacy, so no one will know what’s inside until you open the tracking box by yourself.


You can make the order on our online shop by Paypal ( Choose your favorite doll, select the options of this doll, add it to your cart and then checkout.) If you prefer other forms of payment, please contact us.


Promptly and patiently answer customer’s questions. Supply the customer real doll and parts images, introductions and technical parameters. Any questions, please contact us, here is our e-mail address: sales@reallifesexdoll.co.uk.


We have at least 5 default types of sex dolls for you of this height, you can also choose the head of dolls more 145cm, they are suitable for the 138cm height. Their va-va-voom figures are so charming.


You can choose body temperature of this height. When you wanna use the doll, just turn on the switch and few minutes later turn it off. Then your doll will have the temperature as a real man have.


8 types of wigs, 3 colors of eyes, 4 colors of skin and 5 kinds of pubes for you to choose. After these options, you will get your own doll which will be there for you, every day and every night.


Welcome to the fascinating world of real life sex doll and fulfill the peak of your sexual desires. If you wish to have fun, then choose realistic silicon sex dolls. In our collection each of the dolls has been made with silicon to bring the real feeling of female body. It doesn’t satisfy you with shapes only but also gives you the heavenly pleasure of sex with its softness. Widen the reaches of your sensual world by checking out some of the best silicon sex dolls buy guides available. Our dolls have been made anatomically perfect using special silicon to make the sexiest breasts, integrated tight vagina and open mouths which will offer you to grab the wildest sexual pleasure.

Real life sex doll offer you realistic sexual experience which is perfectly designed to give you the pleasure and get relief from your mental stress and tiredness. Unlike the plastic made dolls or blowup dolls these are not made with cheap materials to harm your body. Most importantly they are made with high-quality materials to fascinate the feelings of having a real woman in your bed.

The price is quite cheap compared to its quality. For Men, Silicon sex dolls will be revolutionary to help them to increase the control of the ejaculation and keep the blood circulation perfect during sexual pleasure. No risk for any sexual diseases or pregnancy. So hurry up and grab the opportunity to have silicon sex dolls to have fun. Open the door of pleasure and choose silicon sex dolls.